Surgical Steel Knife Blade

Tried and true, surgical-quality stainless steel has been the material of choice for medical devices for years. Cadence's surgical steel knife blades are the leaders in the field because of the range of products available and the quality of their materials--but especially due to the difference that Cadence can offer in terms of sharpness.

With knife blades being manufactured for use in all areas of minimally invasive surgery, Cadence takes the model of the conventional surgical steel knife blade up a notch. By offering state-of-the-art techniques such as electrochemical deburring and laser cutting and laser welding, it allows for the sharpest and smoothest precision surgical steel knife blades available.

Advancements in Surgical Steel Knife Blades

Not all stainless surgical steel is the same. That's why Cadence provides clients with a choice of stainless steel for the knife blades it manufactures. With 300 series stainless steel, Cadence is able to offer the best in corrosion resistance and a high degree of strength all in a non-magnetic knife blade perfect for most surgical functions. The 400 series are even more durable than the 300 series, and can be sharpened to razor-blade quality precision.

For those clients who want the best Cadence has to offer, 17-4 and 17-7 PH stainless steels are also available. These surgical steel knife blades are the most corrosive-resistant and shock-resistant of the stainless steels, offering extreme edge strength. Coatings are also available to further strengthen surgical steel knife blades. Coatings include silicone, perylene, and PTFE, which adds even more corrosion and wear resistance to surgical steel knife blades. A Cadence representative would be glad to answer any questions have about surgical steel knife blades: just send an email to, call 800-252-3371, or click here to reach the online contact form.