Disposable Surgical Knives

Because minimally invasive surgeries are becoming regularly scheduled procedures and are no longer the exception, the attention to surgical instruments has needed reevaluation as well. With surgeons performing numerous operations a day with little time for instrument sterilization and even less time for maintenance, disposable surgical knives are now a way for surgeons to maintain clean, sharp tools in their grasp at all times.

For IncisionTech, the production of disposable surgical knives presents another opportunity to prove the company's strength in the field. Disposable surgical knives from Cadence allow for original equipment manufacturers to develop knife handles while still getting high-quality blades to match. Cadence is able to offer clients customized products without sacrificing their high-performance consistence.

The Point of Disposable Surgical Knives

When considering a cutting instrument, it's necessary to evaluate the edge and the point. With disposable surgical knives, both cutting surfaces are of extreme importance.Cadence design sharpens knives with a machining and grinding process that can produce multiple variations on the standard blade point, including tri-pointed, arrowhead, conical and flat pointed knives.

Furthermore, the cutting edge itself can be sharpened and shaped so that the blade is chiseled or beveled. The final cutting edge finishing can be done using an electrochemical edge enhancement process. No matter what the process, the result is always a custom designed surgical incision tool capable of the most rigorous procedure. Disposable or not, it gets the job done flawlessly. Contact a Cadence representative about ordering disposable blades today. Call 800-252-3371 or click here to reach the easy online contact form.