Catheter Slitters

Catheter Slitters used for catheter slitting are some of the most important devices dictating ultimate success in the operating room.

Catheter slitters require:

 Grip is ergonomic and large to enhance stability and control in a physician’s hand
 Low slit force for smooth slitting or cutting with continuous motion
 Non-sticking or binding operation
 Maximized lead or target stability with low lead movement
 Precision alignment for straight cutting (not curved)
 Sharp blade for slitting through multiple catheters in the same procedure, if required

Our manufacturing processes for sub-assembly are optimized for catheter slitting products using leading razor blade and edge joining capabilities.

Laser welding expertise:

  • 5-axis control for the most complex laser-welding requirements
  • cleanroom laser welding, if needed

Insert molding and Overmolding expertise:

  • sharps handling expertise
  • cleanroom injection molding capability for use, when needed
Catheter Slitters

Laser welding expertise to join blades for Catheter Slitters.

Catheter Slitters

Insert molding expertise to join blades for Catheter Slitters.