Profile Extrusion / Tube Cutting Blades

Many stocked standard parts for tube cutting and profile extrustion are available in our Specialty Blades catalog.

Cutoff blades and tube cutting blades and knives are used for many profile extrusion applications such as:

  • Plastic extrusion cutoff - a common process in which extruded plastic material is cut to length at the end of the manufacturing process. Many OEMs and sophisticated end users have improved the performance of their extrusion cut-off line by using a customized shape from Cadence.
  • Guillotine cutters or shears - typical cutting application in which long or large film, foil, paper and non-woven products are cut into smaller or shorter parts as needed.
  • Rotary tube cutoff - process that uses a rotating blade to cut plastic, rubber, or metal tubing to length.
  • We also offer innovative blades designed to meet increasing demand for high performance tubing required for medical, laboratory and biopharm applications. To find out more about MedXX Cutting Blades click here

Custom Considerations

If you did not see a blade for your application under our stocked items link, please consider the critical aspects of blade selection for use in extrusion or cut-off processes include:

  • Material selection for max wear resistance vs. toughness
  • Edge geometry to balance cut force with blade life
  • Angle of cut determined by blade shape

For more information on your application, please contact us directly for more information. Chances are one of our Sales Consultants or Applications Engineers has worked on a similar problem in the past and can use his or her knowledge and experience to create a custom cutting solution for you.