Plotting / Sign Making / Shape Cutting Blades

Many stocked standard parts for plotting / sign-making are available in our Specialty Blades catalog.

Plotting blades and Sign Making blades include:

  • Vinyl cutters
  • Plotter blade or knife
  • Slitting blade
  • Cut-off knife
  • Cross-cut knife
  • Trimming blades

Whether your sign making blade is a simple 30 degree blade for vinyl material, a cross-cut knife for cutting roll stock to length, a custom carbide blade for cutting highly reflective material, or a wear-resistant blade used for precision cutting of magnetic media, specifying the right blade makes all the difference. From vinyl cutters to plotter blades and knives to adhesive tape dispensers to slitting thin plastic, paper or metal films, our experienced applications engineers can help you match the right cutting tool to your application.

Custom Considerations

Critical aspects of sign/label making blade and knife selection for use in sign making applications include:

  • Material selection for maximum wear resistance at a reasonable cost
  • Edge geometry, especially in the area of the tip, to balance cut force and quality of cut with blade life
  • Angle of cut determined by blade shape

If you do not see a term describing your process, please contact us directly for more information. Chances are one of our sales Consultants or Applications Engineers has worked on a similar problem in the past and can use his or her knowledge and experience to create a custom cutting solution for you.