Packaging Blades

Many stocked standard parts for packaging are available in our Specialty Blades catalog.

Packaging Blades and Knives Include:

Custom Considerations

Whether your food blade is a simple circular slicing blade, a potato chip blade, a custom serrated dicing blade or a wear-resistant blade used in a food packaging application; a perforating machine knife, a custom serrated corrugated blade, a hot knife, or a wear-resistant blade used in a form, fill and seal application, specifying the right blade makes all the difference.

Cadence uses precision CNC grinding machinery to produce toothed blades with individually ground, razor sharp teeth. Blades can be manufactured with either double bevel or chisel cutting edges and with endless possibilities for tooth pitch and tooth angle. Toothed blades can be best applied in applications that require:

  • A sharp point to actually initiate a cut in a tough material, such as a thin plastic packaging material.
  • A specific zig-zag shape in the product being cut, such as that needed along the end of a candy wrapper for ease of opening.
  • A perforated edge shape to allow for tear tabs or edges.

These blades can be made from stainless & high wear tool steels for longer life.

Critical aspects of blade and knife selection for use in food processing applications include:

  • Material selection for max corrosion resistance vs. wear at a reasonable cost
  • Edge geometry to balance cut force and quality of cut with blade life
  • Angle of cut determined by blade shape
  • Blade shape to allow for ease of cleaning in wash down environment

Please contact us directly for more information. Chances are one of our Sales Consultants or Applications Engineers has worked on a similar problem in the past and can use his or her knowledge and experience to create a custom cutting solution for you