Medical Diagnostics / Septum Slitting

Many stocked standard parts for septum slitting are available in our Specialty Blades catalog.

Medical Diagnostic Blades and Septum Slitting Blades include:

  • septum blades
  • piercing blades
  • tube cutters
  • catheter cutters

Custom Considerations

From initial design to manufacturing, Cadence works closely with its medical diagnostic blades customers to produce blades that meet their precision cutting requirements.

Because we understand that time to market is a critical piece of medical device development, our business is configured to allow the fastest possible turnaround on prototype and development work.

If you did not see a blade for your application under our stocked items link, please consider the critical aspects of blade selection for use in extrusion or cut-off processes include:

  • Material selection for max wear resistance vs. toughness
  • Edge geometry to balance cut force with blade life
  • Angle of cut determined by blade shape

OEM of medical diagnostic equipment improves septum slitting by using Cadence - A major manufacturer of diagnostic equipment for the OEM medical industry was experiencing serious cutting problems when trying to automatically pierce a septum or rubber diaphragm.

The problems were two-fold:

  • The slit left in the septum was not located accurately enough from piece to piece and the resulting length of the slit generated had too much variability from piece to piece.
  • The life of the blade was too short, resulting in increased variability due to blade-to-blade cutting performance.

Applications engineers from Cadence worked concurrently with design engineers from the OEM in a rapid prototyping environment to generate a number of alternative cutting edge geometries for testing. After quickly determining the appropriate geometry needed, blades from the optimum cutting edge geometry were produced in a variety of more wear-resistant raw materials and with several coatings applied for evaluating additional performance characteristics.

Results for the OEM were dramatic! More consistent cut quality and longer lasting blades generated higher output rates for the equipment and higher quality results with respect to slit quality.

If you do not see a term describing your process, please contact us directly for more information. Chances are one of our Applications Engineers or Sales Consultants has worked on a similar problem in the past and can use his or her knowledge and experience to create a custom cutting solution for you.