Utility Blades

Utility blades are one of the most widely used and standardized forms of razor blades. Because of their commonality, utility blades are often selected as the cutting tool in industrial machines during machine design. If your machine uses a utility blade, our utility blades offer you the chance to significantly reduce your blade changeovers through the use of highly wear resistant materials you will not find elsewhere ready to ship.

Most utility blades are made from run of the mill carbon steel. This allows mass producers and direct importers to sell them for pennies. However, if you are using these blades in a machine where downtime and changeovers can be expensive, standard utility blades offer sub-optimal life and thus are quite expensive.

At Cadence, we only produce utility blades made from highly wear resistant tool steels. Our customers buy them because they outlast standard carbon steel blades by up to 25 times. If optimizing your blades life is important to you, give us a call today!