Other Blade Types

Whatever your application, Cadence can produce virtually any blade shape, size or edge necessary to get the job done - straight, curved, wavy, toothed, serrated, scalloped, notched, pointed tip or multiple-edged. Custom-designed CNC sharpening equipment (up to 9 axes), enables Cadence to manufacture razor sharp, high quality cutting blades made to your specifications from a wide variety of materials, including carbon, stainless, and tool steels as well as carbide and ceramic.

We are currently seeking companies to partner with to develop leading-edge blade, knife and cutting tool solutions. Our "win-win" approach to cutting solutions means that:

We win - by getting a copy of the actual test results achieved in your application. These results will be used in a confidential manner (disguising any Company specific information) to illustrate the significant impact of our integrated cutting solutions.

You win - by getting a 50% refund of the development work with your order for production parts.

If you want to get more value from your cutting solutions provider, then email us or call us at 800-252-3371 for your specialty blades solutions.

Other Blade Types