Diamond Blades

Diamond blades have extreme levels of hardness and sharpness. Cadence, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the Diamaze® brand of Plasma Sharpened Diamond (PSD) blades in North and South America. These diamond blades are manufactured by GFD, based in Ulm Germany.

GFD is the worldwide leader in the production of diamond micro-parts and the manufacturing of diamond coated and sharpened cutting blades.

Diamond blades are made using two specialized processes: the nanocrystalline diamond coating of a carbide blade followed by the plasma sharpening of the blade.

First, a nanocrystalline diamond coating is first applied to a carbide blade.  Then the ultra thin layers of pure diamond are polished by an innovative plasma sharpening process. The blade is polished until the cutting edge is sharpened to only a few nanometers, therefore consisting of merely a few atoms. This process combines the hardest material in the world with the sharpest possible cutting edge.

Diamaze blade

These diamond blades are quickly becoming the next great innovation in key razor blade markets, such as the razor slitting market.

Diamond Blades