Ceramic Slitting Blades

We are a ceramic slitting blade manufacturer, not a ceramic blade distributor, so stop by our blade-making facility in Virginia and see the difference!

Our ceramic technologies for producing ceramic slitting blades and knives used in film, foil, and paper slitting applications are truly leading edge. You cannot beat the performance of zirconia ceramic razor blades! Hot isostatic pressed (HIP) zirconia ceramic razor blades are extremely hard, sharp and wear resistant. Our ceramic technologies allow us to manufacture blades that produce precision cuts and better looking slit edges time after time.

Because they last up to 100 times longer than conventional steel blades, zirconia ceramic razor blades allow you to spend more time slitting product and less time changing blades. Zirconia's extreme hardness (Rc 75), combined with its superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion is the major contributing factor to outstanding blade life and performance. The inherent physical properties and submicron grain structure of HIP zirconia produce an extremely smooth cutting surface that has a very low coefficient of friction. This ensures zirconia ceramic razor blades provide the least amount of stretch possible during slitting.

Cadence's advanced technology enables us to manufacture the sharpest zirconia edges in the world.

Don't settle for blades that dull quickly and require frequent replacement. For state-of-the-art performance, you can not beat zirconia ceramic blades.

Ceramic Slitting Blades

Our ceramic technologies create the best ceramic slitting blades in the world.