International Industrial Blades

When a company is an actual manufacturer, and NOT just a distributor, it can take it's own innovative products "international".

Since we have truly unique blade manufacturing capabilities, our industrial blades have now become international industrial blades.

We have strong industrial blade distribution partners around the world that are transforming our Endurium® and Optima® products into true international industrial blades.

Choose us for your industrial blades because:

  1. We are a manufacturer, not a distributor.
  2. We developed the first commercially available razor blades from solid ceramic material.
  3. We invented the process to make razor blades from M-2 High Speed Steel.
  4. We own two patents on sharpening technology.
  5. We have 3 manufacturing facilities and over 330 total employees, including 50 engineers.


International Industrial Blades

Our headquarters in Staunton, Virginia is nearly 95,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing excellence..

International Industrial Blades

We invented a new heat treating process for razor blades..