Building on Experience & Product Excellence

As a medical instrument components manufacturer, Cadence manufactures the sharpest incisional components and assemblies for endoscopic, cardiovascular, ophthalmic, orthopedic and diagnostic procedures. The key to our success is our core competence as a manufacturer of critical cutting and piercing components for MIS applications including surgical blades, trocars, custom needles, cannula, scissors, and biopsy punches. As the leader in cutting and piercing solutions, Cadence enables better outcomes for OEMs, surgeons, and patients.

Cadence produces a wide variety of the complex shapes and medical instruments necessary for surgical success. Our proprietary processing techniques use the latest CNC sharpening and pointing equipment in combination with leading edge electrochemical finishing technology.

Proven Solutions – Expanding Product Offering

Our engineering and new product development teams develop expanded capabilities enabling us to provide more complete solutions for your new products. We hope Cadence becomes your partner of choice when you are looking for the right new solution for a successful surgical procedure.


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