The medical, life science, automotive, and industrial markets are evolving quickly into defined areas of specialties. Having a unique approach to technology-driven development is key to these specialties.

Applying new and unique processing technologies can also enable true differentiation. Our technical expertise has found strong roots in improving the functional performance of products in the following markets.

Medical - Surgical Medical - Surgical

Medical markets demand very high operational and quality excellence coupled with technological innovation. Cadence supplies advanced products, technologies and services to medical markets worldwide.

Diagnostics - Pharma - Lab Diagnostics - Pharma - Lab

Cadence is renowned for its customization and conceptualization capabilities, delivering superb quality, repeatable results, increased productivity and the innovation in design and performance that enable scientific discovery.

Industrial - Defense - Firearms Industrial - Defense - Firearms

At Cadence, we're confident that our industrial products are the finest on the market, offering unsurpassed durability, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Our customers range from small manufacturing plants to worldwide food packagers.

Automotive Automotive

Cadence has extensive industry experience from making over 5 billion automotive components in use in hundreds of types of automotive products. We currently make many unique components that are often complex and a part of critical to function systems.