Glass Syringes


Glass syringes from Cadence Science® now represent the most comprehensive line of reusable glass syringes and accessories for laboratory, life science and industrial applications. Glass syringes conform to ISO 594 specifications and are supplied in non-sterile condition, offering unbeatable quality and value. These syringes are made from superior borosilicate glass.

The three basic tip styles available all conform to the ISO 594 standard for luer taper fittings and allow the practitioner to choose the best glass syringe type for their specific application.

  • Metal Luer Lock Tips - Metal luer lock tips are made of chrome-plated brass. They are fitted to heavy glass bases to assure greater strength than glass luer tips. All luer needles lock into the lock tip with an easy twist.
  • Metal Luer Slip Tips - Metal luer slip tips embody all the same features as metal luer lock tips, except for the unique special locking device. These metal tips are chrome-plated brass and fit all luer needles and other female luer fittings.
  • Glass Luer Slip Tips - All glass luer slip tips have reinforced glass bases to assure strong tips and minimize breakage. They have beveled ends to reduce chipping.

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Interchangeable Syringes

Any Plunger of a given size fits Any Barrel of the same size.

Matched Numbered Syringes

Have matching serial numbers on mating barrels and plungers.

Eccentric Tip Syringes (Matched Numbered)

Allows an attached needle to be closer in line with the syringe walls.

Tuberculin Mini Glass Syringes

Widely used in clinical and research procedures for the administration of precise low volume doses.

Pressure Control Syringes

Particularly useful for injecting viscous fluids or in any application that requires one-hand filling.

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Syringes

Dissolved Gas Analysis Syringes for Transformer Oil Testing

Toomey Evacuating Syringes

Useful in Irrigating Applications

Robb-Type Angiography Syringes

Ground glass barrels feature a reduced barrel I.D.

Pipetting Assemblies

Feature durable spring loaded syringe assemblies, automatic 2-way valves, and are autoclavable.