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Animal Feeding Needles

AFN Cadence Stainless Steel Flexible Plastic PTFE

Animal Feeding Needles and Oral Gavage Needles with the Cadence Science® brand are designed to meet the special needs of pharmacologists, toxicologists, pathologists, and other biomedical researchers working with laboratory animals.

To prevent cross infection and for maximum convenience, laboratories using Cadence Science® Animal Feeding Needles for Oral Gavage now have four options:

• Flexible Plastic Needles (Disposable)

• Flexible Plastic Needles - with Bite Protectors (Disposable)

• Malleable Stainless Steel Needles (Disposable)

• Non-Flexible Stainless Steel Needles (Reusable)

Cadence is a proud member of American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS)

Click for info on Oral Gavage and Oral Gavage Needles from the AALAS Learning Library





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NEW Sterile Plastic Syringes for Oral Gavage
Malleable Stainless Steel Needles (Disposable)
Designed to enable the researcher to shape the needles to his/her specific needs.
Flexible Plastic (PTFE) Needles (Disposable)
Plastic (PTFE) tube is softer than other tubing types, very flexible, and translucent.
Flexible Plastic (PTFE) Needles - with Bite Protectors
Plastic (PTFE) tube is covered at the hub end with 304 stainless steel tubing to protect against biting during use.
Non-Flexible Stainless Steel Needles (Reusable)
Straight and curved animal feeding needles from 12 to 24 gauge stainless tubing and from 1” to 4” in length.
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